Guardian Homes needed in San Luis Obispo County! The pup pictured below is a 5 month old poodle stud that will be about 30-35 pounds at maturity. He is very loving and a sweet dog that would make great family pet! Please contact us for more information if you live in SLO county and would like to be a Guardian.


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Ollie (1).jpg

Mackenzie and Oliver's litter of Medium/Standard Multi-gen Australian Labradoodles - Born on November 4th, ready to go home December 29th. We expect them to be in the 35-50lb range and to have fleece coats, which should be low to non-shedding. There are 8 pups total in the litter- 5 chocolate females, 2 chocolate males, and 1 caramel male.
*Sorry, this litter is reserved.