You are always welcome to pick up your puppy here at Gail's Doodles when they are eight weeks old. It is often difficult, however, to come back here just a week or two after choosing your puppy if you live hours away or have young children traveling with you. Because of this, we are usually able to offer a personal delivery of your puppy to a predetermined location. Many of our pups find their permanent homes in either the San Francisco Bay Area or the Los Angeles/Orange County vicinities.


Delivery Information

Regional Delivery: $150-$200
A minimum delivery fee of $150, dependent on your location, will be charged. We need at least two puppies traveling in order for a delivery to be offered. We do not drive further than Orange County, so families from San Diego/San Bernardino can meet us there. Price ranges are as follows:

$150- San Jose (north)

$200- LA/Orange County (south)/north of San Jose (north)

Door to Door Delivery: $300-$500
We are happy to bring the pup directly to you! Whether you want us to come to your house, or to drive further than the regions listed above. Price will be quoted based on location.

Go Home Day

The “go home” day can be quite stressful to an 8 week old puppy as he is leaving everything familiar to him behind. We have found that traveling to a delivery location along with his siblings is much less stressful for most pups than traveling alone. They will typically “dog pile” upon each other, feeling the warmth and comfort of their littermates and sleep most of the way.

Boarding Fees

Please note that do not allow puppies to remain here after their “go-home” date at 8 weeks. We require all puppies to go home when their litter-mates leave, as it is hard on a puppy to remain behind after all its siblings are gone. This is an extremely important time for bonding with his new owners and socializing in his new surroundings. Please ensure you are available for pick-up or delivery on the go home weekend, as this crucial time for your new four-legged family member.