Labradoodle Ladies


Name: Gail’s Carefree Cassie
Specifics: Standard Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle
ALAA Registration #: 062014
Sire: Family Labradoodle’s Splash
Dam: Gail’s Ravishing Roxy
Color: Black and White Parti  
Coat: Fleece
Size: 68 lbs, 27 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Hips Prelim Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Eyes OFA Clear and Normal


A little about Cassie: Cassie’s guardian home says, “Cassie is bright and beautiful, just like the stars in the constellation Cassiopeia after which she is named.  She loves to go on travel adventures with her guardian Mom and Dad and to play with all their grandkids and dogs.  Cassie will fetch a ball with joy and boundless energy, take long walks, and play happily with her dog and cat friends, but she also really loves to relax and snuggle when it is time to chill out.  She especially likes to watch TV and really interacts with all manner of creatures on the screen, even running to chase a ball once that she saw being thrown to a TV dog!”
Her guardian family especially appreciates her loving and gentle spirit, as she seems to see right into you with her soulful eyes.  Her playful yet gentle nature brings joy, laughter and also comfort to all she meets. Cassie is in training to be a therapy dog so she can share her wonderful energy with lots of folks who need it.  Everyone who meets her says that they wish they could have a dog just like her, so it is is no wonder that her guardian family feel so blessed to have this beautiful star for their very own. 



Name: Gail’s Cherished Charlee
Specifics: Medium Australian Multi-gen Labradoodle
ALAA Registration #: 057661
Sire: Loveable Labradoodles’ Beguiling Boone
Dam: Gail’s Breathtaking Brandi
Color: Chocolate
Coat: Fleece
Size: 30 lbs, 19 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Hips Prelim Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Eyes OFA Clear and Normal


A little about Charlee: Charlee lives with her guardian home in San Luis Obispo. They say, “Charlee is just the sweetest.  She is such a big part of our family. Every night at bed time, she automatically heads to our girls' room and sleeps at their bedside. She is energetic and loves the beach and hiking trails, but she is also quite the cuddler. I think Charlee's favorite thing to do is to chase birds and squirrels.  She is great with our three young kids - protective, but well-behaved with strangers, loyal, playful, and as sweet as you could imagine a dog to be. She is going to make wonderful puppies!”



Name: Gail's Priceless Polly
Specifics: Mini Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
ALAA Registration #: 050977
Sire: By the Bay's Alpenridge Armani
Dam: Gail's Priceless Penny
Color: Cream
Coat: Curly Fleece
Size: 18 lbs, 15 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Good Hips, Elbows OFA Normal, Eyes OFA clear and normal


A little about Polly: Polly lives with a doting retired couple in Atascadero who absolutely adore her! They say, “Our precious Polly is one sweet dream dog! She is very smart and eager to please. Polly enjoys walking at the lake, chasing birds at the beach, and fetching her favorite ball. Every morning she greets us with delight with her blanket in her mouth. All our friends and grandchildren love her endearing ways!” We look forward to Polly’s first litter of labradoodle puppies this summer, 2018.




Name: Gail's Marvelous Mackenzie
Specifics: Medium Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle
ALAA Registraion #: 050465
Sire: Spring Creek's California Cruz
Dam: Gail's Adorable Addie
Color: Chocolate/White Parti
Coat: Fleece
Size: 28 lbs, 19 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Fair Hips, Elbows OFA Normal, Eyes OFA clear and normal


A little about Mackenzie: Mackenzie's Guardian Home says, "Mackenzie is the greatest addition to the family that we could have hoped for. She is a joyful and energetic dog who knows to to keep herself entertained. She behaves well after meeting new people, does well with other dogs, and even made friends with our cat. She loves going on car trips of all lengths and going for walks. She picks up new tricks all the time and was trained quite easily. Strangers love to check out her beautiful fur and smile. At the end of the day, she loves to cuddle and spend time with those who love her.


Goldendoodle Girls


Name: Kindhearted Kona
Specifics: Mini Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Sire: Just a Walk Home’s Gentlemanly Jack
Dam: Gail’s Classy Clover
Color: Red
Coat: Fleece
Size: 22 lbs, 16” at the shoulder
Health Clearances: PennHip Good hips, elbows are OFA Normal and eyes are OFA clear and normal


A little about Kona: Her guardian home says, “Kona is the friendliest dog. Seriously, she loves on everyone who walks through our door. We usually have a house full of teenagers and the first thing we hear when they walk through the door is “hi Kona!”  She love to go on runs with Jeff and play catch until your arm is ready to fall off.   She loves to snuggle and follows me wherever I go. She and her sister, Shana snuggle up together by the fireplace while we watch movies, it’s adorable!”



Name: Gentle Ginger
Specifics: Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Sire: Rainbow’s End Gino Vannelli
Dam: Gail's Lovely Luna
Color: Apricot
Coat: Fleece
Size: 28 lbs, 17” at the shoulder
Health Clearances: PennHip Good Hips, her Elbows are OFA Normal and her eyes are OFA clear and normal


A little about Ginger: Ginger’s guardian home says, “Just like the candy, Ginger, is the perfect mixture of sweet and spunk. She is a fantastic family dog, we love her sweet and gentle temperament. Ginger and our daughter Georgia are like two peas in a pod, they are best friends and play for hours outside together most days. Ginger travels well, as we often take long trips up and down California to visit family. She is friendly with everyone she meets and all the cousins love walking and playing with her. She is a ball of energy and fun! She also has made a wonderful companion for our older dog and does very well playing with other dogs.”



Name: Gail's Amazing Abbie
Specifics: Standard F1 Goldendoodle
Sire: Gail's Masculine Maverick
Dam: Gail's Sierra Spring Buttercup
Color: Red with white markings (Parti factored)
Coat: Loosely wavy
Size: 50 lbs, 23" at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Good Hips, Elbows OFA Normal, Eyes OFA clear and normal



A little about Abbie: Abbie’s guardian family has this to say about her: “Abbie truly is a family pet. She lives with our family of 10 (yes, there are 10 in our family!)  in Thousand Oaks, CA. Abbie’s greatest desire in life is to please her “people.” She is incredibly loving, obedient, funny and sweet. Her favorite pastime when she’s not hanging out or hiking with her human family is wrestling with her doodle “sibling,” Casey. Abbie is fantastic with our young grandchildren. She has been a wonderful addition to our home and family!”



Name: Gail's Lovely Luna
Specifics: Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Sire: Faithful Doodle's Ace in the Hole
Dam: Gail's Zealous Zoey
Color: Apricot
Coat: Fleece
Size: 28 lbs, 18" at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Good Hips, her Elbows are OFA Normal and her eyes are OFA clear and normal

IMG_0951 Luna2 Stand.JPG

A little about Luna: This girl brings lots of joy to her local Atascadero Guardian home family. They say: "Luna is a dream dog. She is a welcome addition to our busy family because she is so low maintenance. She loves to go camping, hiking, and running with our family, including four young children. Luna is friendly, sweet and doesn't know a stranger, even being friends with the neighborhood cats. She is gentle with our kids and doesn't even mind being tackled on occasion by a playful two year old! She rarely, if ever, barks, and trained incredibly easily. She gets so many compliments on her soft fur and adorable features. We couldn't love Luna more!"


FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Name: Gail's Flawless Finley
Specifics: Standard Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Sire: Gail's Courteous Cosmo
Dam: Gail's Lighthearted Lucy
Color: Red
Coat: Fleece
Size: 49 lbs, 23”at the shoulder
Health Clearances: PennHip Good Hips, Elbows OFA Normal and eyes are OFA Normal


A little about Finley: Finley's guardian home has this to say about Finley: "Finley is the best dog! Even as a puppy, Finley accompanied me to a dog-friendly office environment and would relax calmly and quietly off-leash near my desk. All of my coworkers loved her, and she quickly learned who kept treats at their desk. She is very calm and mild mannered. She absolutely loves being near us- she'll come and sit at our feet if watching TV on the couch, or lie near us as we enjoy coffee on the porch. Her favorite place in the world is the beach! She loves to frolic in the water, chase a ball, but mostly she loves to play with all of the other dogs! Finley is an absolute beauty and we're constantly asked what kind of dog she is, or where we got her, everywhere we go!"

Bernie Babes


Name: Gail’s Millie (Amelia)
Specifics: AKC Bernese Mountain Dog
Registration #: WS56351501
Sire: Vision’s Sugar Plum
Dam: AKF’s Anna
Color: Tri Colored
Size: 77 lbs, 27”at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Prelim Excellent Hips, Elbows Normal and eyes are OFA Normal


A little about Millie: Millie’s guardian says, “Millie epitomizes the essence of the Bernese Mountain Dog. She is majestic in her beauty and a gentle, loyal companion. Characteristic to her breed, she offers endless love while demanding equal affection in return. Weighing in at almost eighty pounds, Mille wants nothing more than to be sitting in our laps while receiving continuous massage. Our girl is sweet and kind to her feline siblings and is always hoping to catch the eye of a new “friend” who might be willing to give her an extra treat.”



Name: Gail’s Morgan (Mo)
Specifics: Standard F1 Bernedoodle
Sire: AKF’s Gabe
Dam: AKF’s Mulan
Color: Tri Colored
Size: 51 lbs, 22” at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Prelim Good Hips, Elbows Normal and eyes are OFA Normal


A little about Morgan: Her guardian says, “Morgan—or Mo as we like to call her has taken center stage at our house. She has transformed our family with her playful spirit and loyal personality. Mo loves trips in the car, jumping in the waves at the beach, and chasing lizards. Mo loves to play, and yet she is very relaxed and sleeps most of the day until it’s time to pick up the kids from school. Our children absolutely love Mo, especially when she falls asleep with them and talks like a Wookie. Everywhere we go people love Mo, she is friendly with strangers but not too overwhelming. We are so excited for Mo to have puppies!”



Name: Gail’s Trudie
Specifics: AKC Bernese Mountain Dog
Registration #: WS56350302
Sire: AKF’s Haagen Dazs
Dam: AKF’s Seven Spanish Angels
Color: Tri Colored
Size: 78 lbs, 27”at the shoulder
Health Clearances: PennHip Good Hips, Elbows OFA Normal and eyes are OFA Normal


A little about Trudie: Her guardian says, “Trudie is a huge source of joy and laughter in our home.  She is good natured, and she gets along very well with other dogs, and even is gentle with our chickens.  She loves going to the beach and out for hikes, or just being with us at home.  She wants to please us and has been easy to train. We can’t imagine life without her, she’s stolen our hearts.”