Labradoodle Ladies


Name: Gail’s Alluring Amber
Specifics: Mini Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle
ALAA Registration #: 043821
Sire: Gail's Rojo Grande
Dam: Gail's Sensational Sunshine
Color: Red    
Coat: Fleece
Size: 15 lbs and 15 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: Hips 95+% PennHip (meaning only 5% of labradoodles have tighter (better) hips than Amber), OFA Hips Prelim Good, Elbows OFA Normal, and OFA eyes clear and normal


A little about Amber: She is one of our home-grown girls, and we couldn't be more proud! Amber is 15" at the shoulder and weighs only 15 pounds; a small bundle of pure joy for her guardian family, who has four grown children and ten grandchildren, all of whom adore Amber! They say, "Amber is more than we had hoped for in a dog! She loves all people (especially kids) and is social with other dogs as well. Amber has the sweetest personality imaginable and because of her desire to please, she trains easily. She is extremely agile, loves to play, take walks, go for rides in the car and snuggle. Amber is hard to put into words!"



Name: Gail’s Darling Daisy
Specifics: Medium American F1B Labradoodle
ALAA Registration #: 028481
Sire: Gail's Sir Noble Nolan
Dam: Gail's Echanted Emmy
Color: Caramel
Coat: Fleece
Size: 28 lbs, 17 ½ inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Hips Prelim Excellent, OGA Elbows Normal, Eyes CERF clear and normal


A little about Daisy: She lives with her guardian family on an apple farm in Templeton. Daisy's family says she has brought more joy to them than they could have ever imagined. She greets them every morning with a hug and a snuggle. Daisy is playful and silly; she loves car rides, camping at the beach, her basket of toys and playing with other furry friends. She is one happy girl!



Name: Gail’s Sparkle of My Eye
Specifics: Medium Australian Multi-gen Labradoodle
ALAA Registration #: 047780
Sire: Gail's Tremendous Titan
Dam: Gail's Adorable Addie
Color: Black
Coat: Fleece
Size: 31 lbs, 18 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Hips Prelim Good, OFA Elbows Normal, Eyes OFA Clear and Normal


A little about Sparkle: Sparkle lives with her Guardian family in nearby Paso Robles. They have this to say about Sparkle: "We are SO thankful for our Sparkle! She is loveable and sweet, as well as a fast learner. Sparkle retrieves the newspaper for us every morning. She loves to hike and she also enjoys water activities, likely because she spends a lot of time with us at our home in Lake Tahoe. Sparkle's greatest joy, however, is playing ball. She often keeps herself entertained by tossing the ball to herself! We are so grateful to have Sparkle as a part of our lives and family!"



Name: Gail's Priceless Polly
Specifics: Mini Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

ALAA Registration #: 050977
Sire: By the Bay's Alpenridge Armani
Dam: Gail's Priceless Penny
Color: Cream
Coat: Curly Fleece
Size: 18 lbs, 16 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Good Hips, Elbows OFA Normal, Eyes OFA clear and normal


A little about Polly: Polly lives with a doting retired couple in Atascadero who absolutely adore her! They say, “Our precious Polly is one sweet dream dog! She is very smart and eager to please. Polly enjoys walking at the lake, chasing birds at the beach, and fetching her favorite ball. Every morning she greets us with delight with her blanket in her mouth. All our friends and grandchildren love her endearing ways!” We look forward to Polly’s first litter of labradoodle puppies this summer, 2018.




Name: Gail's Marvelous Mackenzie
Specifics: Medium Multi-gen Australian Labradoodle

ALAA Registraion #: 050465
Sire: Spring Creek's California Cruz
Dam: Gail's Adorable Addie
Color: Chocolate/White Parti
Coat: Fleece
Size: 28 lbs, 19 inches at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Fair Hips, Elbows OFA Normal, Eyes OFA clear and normal


A little about Mackenzie: Mackenzie's Guardian Home says, "Mackenzie is the greatest addition to the family that we could have hoped for. She is a joyful and energetic dog who knows to to keep herself entertained. She behaves well after meeting new people, does well with other dogs, and even made friends with our cat. She loves going on car trips of all lengths and going for walks. She picks up new tricks all the time and was trained quite easily. Strangers love to check out her beautiful fur and smile. At the end of the day, she loves to cuddle and spend time with those who love her.


Goldendoodle Girls


Name: Zealous Zoey
Specifics: Medium F1B Goldendoodle
Sire: Gail's Rojo Grande
Dam: Gail's Sweet-as-can-Be Sadie
Color: Cream
Coat: Fleece
Size: 27 lbs, 17” at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Prelim Good, elbows are OFA Normal and eyes are CERF clear and normal


A little about Zoey: Zoey lives with a wonderful retired couple in Atascadero. They say she is the perfect companion for them -- just the right size and is content whenever she is with them! Zoey is loveable and trainable, thriving in her agility class. She enjoys going for walks around the lake and is a magnet for drawing admirers with her soft coat, warm smile and million dollar eyelashes!



Name: Lighthearted Lucy
Specifics: Standard F1 Goldendoodle
Sire: Gail's Masculine Maverick
Dam: Gail's California Golden Girl
Color: Red with white markings (Parti factored)
Coat: Fleece
Size: 53 lbs, 23 ½” at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Good Hips, her Elbows are OFA Normal and her eyes are OFA clear and normal


A little about Lucy:  Lucy is a very special girl who likes to give lots of kisses, according to her doting Guardian "mom," Pat. Some of Lucy's favorite things are her daily walks and frequent play dates with her doggy friends. Lucy also enjoys car rides, particularly when the destination is to visit Pat's grandchildren or great-grandchildren.


IMG_1443 Abbie Stand Crop.JPG

Name: Gail's Amazing Abbie
Specifics: Standard F1 Goldendoodle
Sire: Gail's Masculine Maverick
Dam: Gail's Sierra Spring Buttercup
Color: Red with white markings (Parti factored)
Coat: Loosely wavy
Size: 50 lbs, 23" at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Good Hips, Elbows OFA Normal, Eyes OFA clear and normal



A little about Abbie: Abbie’s guardian family has this to say about her: “Abbie truly is a family pet. She lives with our family of 10 (yes, there are 10 in our family!)  in Thousand Oaks, CA. Abbie’s greatest desire in life is to please her “people.” She is incredibly loving, obedient, funny and sweet. Her favorite pastime when she’s not hanging out or hiking with her human family is wrestling with her doodle “sibling,” Casey. Abbie is fantastic with our young grandchildren. She has been a wonderful addition to our home and family!”



Name: Gail's Lovely Luna
Specifics: Medium Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Sire: Faithful Doodle's Ace in the Hole
Dam: Gail's Zealous Zoey
Color: Apricot
Coat: Fleece
Size: 28 lbs, 18" at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA prelim Good Hips, her Elbows are OFA Normal and her eyes are OFA clear and normal

IMG_0951 Luna2 Stand.JPG

A little about Luna: This girl brings lots of joy to her local Atascadero Guardian home family. They say: "Luna is a dream dog. She is a welcome addition to our busy family because she is so low maintenance. She loves to go camping, hiking, and running with our family, including four young children. Luna is friendly, sweet and doesn't know a stranger, even being friends with the neighborhood cats. She is gentle with our kids and doesn't even mind being tackled on occasion by a playful two year old! She rarely, if ever, barks, and trained incredibly easily. She gets so many compliments on her soft fur and adorable features. We couldn't love Luna more!"


FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Name: Gail's Flawless Finley
Specifics: Standard Multi-gen Goldendoodle
Sire: Gail's Courteous Cosmo
Dam: Gail's Lighthearted Lucy
Color: Red
Coat: Fleece
Size: 49 lbs, 23”at the shoulder
Health Clearances: Penn Hip Good Hips, Elbows OFA Normal and eyes are OFA Normal


A little about Finley: Finley's guardian home has this to say about Finley: "Finley is the best dog! Even as a puppy, Finley accompanied me to a dog-friendly office environment and would relax calmly and quietly off-leash near my desk. All of my coworkers loved her, and she quickly learned who kept treats at their desk. She is very calm and mild mannered. She absolutely loves being near us- she'll come and sit at our feet if watching TV on the couch, or lie near us as we enjoy coffee on the porch. Her favorite place in the world is the beach! She loves to frolic in the water, chase a ball, but mostly she loves to play with all of the other dogs! Finley is an absolute beauty and we're constantly asked what kind of dog she is, or where we got her, everywhere we go!"


Poodle Princess


Name: Ravishing Roxy
Specifics: Standard AKC Poodle
ALAA Registration #: 047532
Sire: Allen's Willowlane Rowdy's Pride
Dam: Idaho's Jewels Red Elegant
Color: Red/White Parti
Coat: Wool
Size: 45 lbs, 22”at the shoulder
Health Clearances: OFA Final Good, Elbows Normal and eyes are OFA Normal


A little about Roxy: Roxy is adored by her guardian home and their three kids, ages 6-10. She has a trainable and submissive personality, but her family is most thankful for her loveable, sweet and gentle demeanor. She has the perfect mixture of the calmness of an old-soul and the playfulness of a child's companion. Roxy is extremely easygoing with unending patience for the constant hands-on play her 3 kids lavish upon her; she loves playing fetch and chase with them. She has become the constant companion to her family's busy schedule of soccer and baseball games, hikes, beach days and around town errands. She is the only female poodle in our breeding program. In fact, when we purchased her, we had planned to get a red/white parti male. However, all the parti (two-toned) pups in her litter were females. She was just too GORGEOUS to pass up, though, so we went ahead and purchased her, knowing she would be the perfect "girlfriend" for several of our males.