There are many variables when it comes to prices among Labradoodle and Goldendoodle breeders. We feel the best assurance a prospective buyer has of receiving a quality pet is to buy from a quality breeder who has done everything to ensure that your new puppy is as healthy and genetically sound as possible. And, yes, there is a price tag for quality. Please keep in mind that you will have this new family member for the next 10-14 years. We are confident that if you choose to purchase a puppy from Gail’s Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles and Labradoodles, you will be more than satisfied with this newest addition to your family.

Pick of the Pack

We are excited to offer a new reservation option, the “Pick of the Pack”. Gail’s Doodles typically reserves the first two spots in each litter to have the option to keep the pup(s) for our future breeding program. When the Pick of the Pack reservation option is exercised, we will forego these valuable top spot(s) of the litter. Not only does the Pick of the Pack move you to the top of the choosing order, it also gives you the option to avoid long wait lists.

Typically, the order of choosing for each litter is determined by the date of first contact with us, with the exception of the top two spots that have been reserved by Gail’s Doodles. The "choosing” for each litter is done at 6 or 7 weeks of age.

The fee for Gail’s Doodles to provide this reservation option and not retain these valued breeding lines is approximately two times the purchase price of the puppy.
*This reservation option is for a companion puppy only and will be sold under Gail’s Doodles’ standard purchase contract. The Pick of the Pack reservation does not include breeding rights.

Bernedoodle Pricing

F1 Standard Bernedoodles:

  • Abstract (black and white markings): $3,300

  • Phantom: $3,300

  • Tri-colored: $3,500

F1B Bernedoodles:

  • Abstract (black and white markings): $3,500

  • Phantom: $3,500

  • Tri-colored: $3,800

*Pick of the Pack 2x purchase price



Goldendoodle + Labradoodle Pricing

F1B Goldendoodles/Labradoodles: $2500

Multi-Gen Goldendoodles/Labradoodles: $2800

Mini Goldendoodles/Labradoodles: $3000

*Pick of the Pack 2x purchase price

*For more information regarding generations and sizes, please see our "About Doodles" page here.


These prices include the following:

1) A healthy puppy, verified by a veterinarian, at the time of purchase
2) A 2 year written genetic guarantee
3) Micro-chipping
4) Shots
5) Deworming
6) AKC pedigree of both parents (when appropriate) and the parents’ genetic records on hips and eyes (given once proof of spay/neuter has been provided)
7) Your puppy will be doggie door trained, which establishes a great foundation for house training
8) “Puppy Survival Kit” – This kit includes a carpet sample and toy with the scent of Mom and siblings to help make the transition to your home easier, an initial supply of puppy food, a new lead, and a folder with all of your pertinent information in it (such as vaccine & worming records, micro-chip info, a bill of sale and copy of your health guarantee, etc.).
9) On-going help and support 


* Please note that the estimated weights of our puppies at maturity are projections only, based on the average weights of the dam and sire. As with many genetic issues, there can be exceptions and surprises to our best educated guesses; there are no guarantees when it comes to size.



7.25% sales tax added to all sales as per CA. state law.