Polly/Cosmo - Mini/Medium Multi-gen Double Doodles. A double doodle is when one parent is a labradoodle (Polly) and one parent is a goldendoodle (Cosmo). (Polly is not yet pictured on our website, but she will be soon. She is a mini Australian labradoodle (20 lbs.) who is cream in color. Polly has a fairly tight, curly coat, but Cosmo has a loosely wavy coat, so the pups should likely be somewhat in the middle in regard to coat type and curl.) Polly’s pups will be in the 20-35 lb. range, which means the smaller pups in this litter will be mini in size and the larger pups of litter will be on the small end of the medium spectrum. (We expect the median size to be approximately 25 lbs. for Polly's litter, but there is no guarantee for size, as the puppies can pull genes from a great grandparent and be either larger or smaller than expected. Sizes given are our best projections.) This litter will range in color from cream to apricot, with the slight chance of a red puppy or two in the litter. They will have wavy and curly fleece coats and should be very low to non-shedding. This litter is due on June 29th and will be ready to go home in late August. This litter is reserved. A waiting list is being taken in case of cancellation.

**If interested in an upcoming litter, please fill out our contact form. 

* Please note that the estimated weights of our puppies at maturity are projections only, based on the average weights of the dam and sire. As with many genetic issues, there can be exceptions and surprises to our best educated guesses; there are no guarantees when it comes to size.